Thanksgiving All November: List #2

Written by Julie

On December 1, 2021

{Click here for the first list and here for the explanation.}

Day 1: 1] I’m thankful for matcha tea lattes. 2] I’m thankful and excited that I get to do this Thanksgiving All November list again.

Day 2: 1] I’m thankful and super thrilled that The Daily Grace Co. is doing a sale and that I might be able to get several books for cheap(er) from them! 2] I’m thankful for the snack of banana and Nutella. šŸ˜‹ 3] I’m thankful for the lessons, challenges, encouragement, lovely photos, etc. from The Daily Grace Co.’s study book on Jonah, Mercy in the Storm. (I’m hoping to do a post–probably several–on it, so more on that later!)

Day 3: I’m thankful for the smell of mint tea with honey. The taste, too, but man, the smell! I have literally picked mint leaves just so I could put them up to my nose and sni-iii-ffff again and again.

Day 4: 2] I’m thankful for finding some new music to check out. 2] I’m thankful for my Thanksgiving playlist: a list of songs about Thanksgiving, thankfulness, blessings, etc. Some of my favorites are “Ain’t God Good,” “Beautiful Moments in Time,” “Count That High,” “10,000 Reasons,” and “Gifts From God.” {Let me know if you’d like the full list!}

Day 5: 1] I’m thankful for drawing inspiration, being able to draw, etc. 2] I’m thankful for all the gorgeous, colorful leaves decorating the trees and carpeting the ground. 3] I’m thankful for the things autumn tells me: change can be beautiful, letting go can be beautiful, and if beauty can be found in dying leaves beauty can be found even in this–whatever this is at the moment.

Day 6: I’m thankful for the youth gathering after the revival meeting service, for the youth leader gathering “his kids” (whom he’s from nine years older than to just a month or so older than {the one who’s actually older than him wasn’t there}), for the good food and conversation and laughter, and for the extra hour to sleep šŸ˜‰.

Day 7: 1] I’m thankful for my two little squirts who insisted on hanging around me and wanted me to hold them and whom I got food for during fellowship lunch, and for my “chunky monkey” who loves to come to me and rest on my shoulder, and for my “teddy bear” who smiles so much, and–I just thankful for little children. 2] I’m thankful for this small-group gathering, for the razzing and seriousness and chatting about what we want for Christmas, for good food and coffee (with creamer, obviously), for the cute girls “stuck” in a basket, and for all the other memories.

Day 8: I’m thankful for those times when you try some new food and it’s unexpectedly good. Example: I don’t like sweet potatoes, but tonight my mom coated some slices in breading and fried it, and I liked it. *shrug* Another example of food I wasn’t too sure about but tried and liked is crab rangoon; I will eat this every chance I get and often randomly will be like “mmm, I want crab rangoon.” And the toasted marshmallow chai drink from a cafe nearby! Mmm, now the cravings hit. šŸ˜

Day 9: 1] I’m thankful for the times I rediscover things I’d forgotten about–like mocha cheesecake in the freezer! šŸ˜‹ 2] I’m thankful for people sharing different writings of theirs and for all the encouragement, challenges, inspiration, etc. from written words.

Day 10: 1] I’m thankful for lists. I don’t know why, but I love them! Especially when it’s a to-do list that I can cross things off of. 2] I’m thankful for jokes and craziness and laughing with my sister. 3] I’m thankful that the youth will be going to Paradise Buffet and I’ll get my crab rangoon. šŸ˜† 4] I’m thankful for “snail mail,” both sending it and getting it. It’s nice to have faster ways of talking/connecting, but I still get such a thrill out of tangible mail.

Day 11: 1] I’m thankful for rainy autumn days, and a warm house and clothes to be in. 2] I’m thankful for toasted PB&J sandwiches and Earl Gray tea with milk and for nebulae in my cup. šŸ˜‹

Day 12: I’m thankful for my youth group going to Paradise Buffet and one of the youth leaders’ home afterward. Some memories to share: our 16-member group streaming back to our table; the good food, especially crab rangoon!; my cousin and I getting ice cream from Walmart and my walking even faster than I normally do because he takes big steps; having a Bible study; playing Scum; me panicking for a moment when I got in the car cause the clock said 12:13 (or something like that) then remembering it was still set an hour ahead.

Day 13: The night before Communion and feet-washing at my church, I thought of Jesus’ example of washing the feet of people who would let Him down, abandon Him, deny Him, betray Him, hurt and crucify Him. . . He didn’t deserve all that, could have stopped it–but in the hours before His death, He washed their feet. I have had and will have people who let me down, hurt me, etc. But I have and will do the same; I’m not perfect. I claim to be a “little Christ”–how can I not wash others’ feet, whether literally or figuratively? Anyway, I’m thankful for that reminder/challenge and for the lifted weight after praying, confessing, and forgiving some things. šŸ„²

Day 14: 1] I’m thankful for Communion and feet-washing with my church family, for the things shared, for remembering and celebrating together what Jesus did (and is doing) for us. 2] I’m thankful for fellowship lunch (the second time this month!) and for my two little friends both wanting to go through the line with me again. 3] I’m thankful for the “Communion bread” we made at home and our tradition of having it after Communion at church. 4] I’m thankful for the pretty glow (and the usefulness) of the clip-lights a friend gave me.

Day 15: I don’t know if I can say I’m thankful for this, but it made me laugh pretty hard so I’ll count it. Look up and wiggle your mouse (or finger) across the screen. (And yes, I may have a weird sense of humor.)

Day 16: 1] I’m thankful for names and name lists/sites. šŸ˜ 2] I’m thankful for all the blog post ideas/inspiration I have and for (somewhat) organizing them into one place. 3] I’m thankful for the sunset tonight! It was so gorgeous and I took picture after picture that didn’t do God’s handiwork justice and I almost froze but it was so worth it!

Day 17: 1] I’m thankful that my mom unexpectedly made the lemon bars I was supposed to make for youth. šŸ¤— 2] I’m thankful that the youth were able to help at the food pantry and able to gather at the church for supper and games afterward. Some memories to share: me holding the youth leader’s baby and people aww-ing over him and his smiles and flailing in joy, the same youth leader’s young daughter hanging out with me and eating a doughnut, playing Spoons, one of the youth boys “sneezing” on my arm (he threw water), blasting music on the ride home.

Day 18: I’m thankful for Bible Club, for wearing my thankful shirt šŸ˜„, for the fact that the kids making cards and using a chocolate fountain went surprisingly well, for chocolate smeared all over two adorable chilluns, for me and my “chunky monkey” kinda matching.

Day 19: 1] I’m thankful that I finished my article for Priceless before the (second) deadline, and that God opened my eyes to something, blowing my mind. 2] I’m thankful for the moon, especially tonight! So pretty!

Day 20: I’m thankful for flowers, dried flowers, and pictures of flowers. (I may or may not take a lot of flower pictures. šŸ™ƒ)

Day 21: 1] I’m thankful for my “chunky monkey” trying to keep coming to me, and for one of my little squirts being sleepy and snuggling with me. 2] I’m thankful for a planned-that-afternoon youth supper and games after the church evening service, for playing Spoons (I think it’s becoming our new favorite, and the intenseness is rising), for the joking and teasing and laughter and talking.

Day 22: I’m thankful for a family from church coming over for breakfast, for coffee with lots of creamer, blueberry muffins, and the adorable toddler taking people’s shoes to them.

Day 23: 1] I’m thankful for that feeling of sitting down and relaxing after working. 2] I’m thankful for a cappuccino with marshmallows, caramel, and a maraschino cherry.

Day 24: 1] I’m thankful for “squaberry” milk with some maraschino cherry juice in it too. 2] I’m thankful for the white cake my sister made. Eat it with dulce de leche and whipped topping or eat it plain–amazing either way. šŸ˜‹

Day 25: I’m thankful for our family Thanksgiving gathering at my grandparents’. Some memories to share: the smell of a pumpkin spice candle; my cousin’s (crazy number of) plants; the iced coffee production line in the crowded, noisy kitchen; the gorgeous nebula in my iced coffee, and the fact that my cousin specifically alerted me beforehand so I could get a video; the adorable “baby” of the family, talking, sleeping, eating ice, coming back time and again for crackers, etc.; the charcuterie board my cousin made, especially the salami rose.

Day 26: 1] I’m thankful for our second day off of school and for sleeping in. 2] I’m thankful for the warm and comfy mocassins my mom bought (and I, um, borrowed). 3] I’m thankful for the cute cards my mom made with my drawings, and that I don’t have to come up with them and put them together. šŸ˜„

Day 27: 1] I’m thankful for raspberry lemonade with mango chunks and blueberries–both the taste and the beauty! 2] I’m thankful for the cleaning we got done, including some extra.

Day 28: 1] I’m thankful for my “chunky monkey” holding her arms out to me to be held and being fascinated by the embroidered flowers on my shirt. 2] I’m thankful for our family Thanksgiving gathering at my uncle’s. Some memories to share: eating sopa [paraguaya] and drinking cletico (grape juice, Coca-cola, lots of fruit); talking about food–while eating šŸ˜„; holding my cousin’s baby and her falling asleep on me; playing Monopoly Bid. 3] I’m thankful for my Aunt G’s pumpkin pie. šŸ˜‹ I’m not usually a big fan of pumpkin pie, but her’s was really good, including the crust!

Day 29: 1] I’m thankful for the five blue jays I saw–at one time! 2] I’m thankful (and excited) to be working on Christmas posts! 3] I’m thankful for my dad fixing/tuning my violin, and that I’m actually feeling a bit motivated and excited to play again.

Day 30: 1] I’m thankful for Vanilla Tranquility tea–and tea in general. šŸ˜‹ 2] I’m thankful for the fresh loaf of bread my grandma gave us, and for its warm deliciousness coated in strawberry jam and Amish peanut butter. Oh, and the smell of bread baking is one of my favorite things. 3] I’m thankful that I finally made some Instagram reels with flower pics, like I’ve been meaning to since summer. And again, I’m thankful for flowers and pictures of flowers.

Aaand I’m thankful for you! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog posts; it means so much! šŸ¤— What are some things you’re thankful for?



Hi, I'm Julie, a 18-year-old lover of books, music, and Jesus. I'm a senior in high school (Abeka Academy) and have been blogging for three years. I also co-publish a digital magazine called Priceless geared toward teen girls. My desire is to use my words to glorify my Saviour and to encourage you in your walk with God. I'd love to hear from you!

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Matt Hochstetler
Matt Hochstetler
2 years ago

I can’t believe seat warmers didn’t make the list!! šŸ˜ƒšŸ˜

2 years ago
Reply to  Julie

I am thankful to go through your thankful list. I am thankful for the wonderful daughter you are, and as you let go and allow God to work in your heart. Love you, Mom