Talented?, Part 2

Written by Julie

On February 25, 2021

Does it matter what others think?

Allison Miller commented on my post “Talented?” and said (in part):

I’m rather creative myself and I enjoy letting others know it, and hearing what they think abt it. Surprisingly, the thought of “Oh, they might think I’m bragging or being proud” eventually slips [nearly] away, and I just bask in Gods smile as He says, “Thank-You for not burying the talent I’ve given you”.

Part of my response was:

Other people (almost always) can’t tell what our motives are; only we and God know. Since they don’t know, does it really matter what they think (at least in this case)?

We do have to have the right motives. To be trying to glorify God and use the talents He gave us, not attempting to make ourselves look good or get attention/praise. To strive to remain humble.

But other people don’t really know our motives, don’t know our hearts. Yeah, we might tell them–but are we entirely truthful? Can we really explain ourselves (because sometimes the words don’t come out right and sometimes we don’t even understand ourselves)? And yes, they might see things in us/our lives that we haven’t noticed or don’t think about, and they might point out things that we need to take care of or work on, and we do need to listen and take a hard look at ourselves and pray about it. . .

But for some things–maybe a lot of things–it doesn’t. matter. what. they. think.

In Allison’s case, she’s talkative about her talents, the gifts God has blessed her with. And, she points out, worrying about what others think “eventually slips [nearly] away” and she focuses on what God thinks.

God’s thoughts are the ones that matter.

He knows our motives, our hearts, our feelings, our thoughts. He created us, so He should–does–define us. His opinion of us, not the opinions of our youth group or our church or our relatives or whoever, is what really matters.

So speak out about your talents! Don’t worry about what others might be thinking (most of the time, they probably aren’t even close to thinking what you think they’re thinking)! Focus on God, on what He says/thinks, on pleasing Him and bringing glory to Him!

Let the One who created you be the One who defines you.

Stop living for approval. You already have it from the One who matters.

What God knows about me is more important than what others think about me.

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P.S. This can also apply to situations/topics other than your talents. 😉



Hi, I'm Julie, a 18-year-old lover of books, music, and Jesus. I'm a senior in high school (Abeka Academy) and have been blogging for three years. I also co-publish a digital magazine called Priceless geared toward teen girls. My desire is to use my words to glorify my Saviour and to encourage you in your walk with God. I'd love to hear from you!

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3 years ago

So true! How many things have been left undone for the cause of Christ because of fear of what other people think. I know it’s a constant battle in my life, but I need to remember that God is the only one that validates me.

3 years ago

I just experienced this in a way yesterday… I was at the park and our family was playing Discgolf😉
I felt like l should talk to this one girl… But I was timid. And I was scared of what others might think of me. I think God would have been pleased if I cared more about what He thought, instead of being disappointed that I cared more about others(who I didn’t even know..) and what they were thinking…