Written by Julie

On November 23, 2019

…You belong to God…

Hebrews 6:10 (CEV)

You belong to God. That’s it, period, end of discussion. Goodbye!

Just kidding, I have a lot more I want to say. šŸ™‚

So, last year was, how shall we say this, a pretty bad year for me. I struggled with major attitude problems–didn’t want to do work, sulked when I had to do work, was disrespectful to my mom and nasty to my siblings… And because of how ugly I felt on the inside, I started seeing myself as ugly on the outside.

Yeah, bad year.

But finally in September, things started getting better; I opened up to some friends and they were a huge encouragement to me (still are šŸ™‚ ). And now, thank You Lord, things are going a lot better in my life.

Anyway, as I was working through my feelings, trying to view myself as beautiful and precious and all that, I came across this verse:

For the Lord hath chosen Jacob unto himself, and Israel for his peculiar treasure.

Psalm 135:4 (KJV)

This is what I wrote about it back then:
Replace “Jacob” and “Israel” with your name. Isn’t that amazing? God chose you to be His peculiar treasure. Keep in mind that the peculiar used here doesn’t mean weird; it means particular or special.
You are chosen. You are special. You are a treasure. Don’t put yourself down; don’t let others’ words define you; don’t believe the enemy’s lies that say you’re worthless, ugly, etc.

I believe every girl, every woman, struggles with believing this sometimes. (And males probably do too, so if you’re a guy reading this, it’s for you too. šŸ™‚ ) We listen to what the world (and Satan) says and try to mold ourselves to fit in with them; we worry about what others might think, and start feeling empty, worthless, not good enough. We forget who we are and that we were created perfectly by God. And things will just keep getting worse.

Until we come to our senses. Until we remember who–and Whose–we are. Until we stop letting others shape us. Until we block out the lies and instead listen to the truth that our Creator speaks over us.

“I created you.”

“I am with you.”

“I sing over you.”

“I want to have a relationship with you; I want you to be My child.”

“I have redeemed you.”

“I love you.”

Seriously, y’all, the Bible is chock full of promises and assurances. And you can rest in the knowledge that God means what He says. šŸ™‚

God created you, and He should be the only one who gets to define you and shape you. His opinion should be the only one that really matters.

He gave up His only Son. His Son gave up all the splendor of heaven, all His riches and comfort, and lived just like the others at that time; He gave up His very life. For you. They thought you were worth it.

You are a special treasure. You are His.



Hi, I'm Julie, a 18-year-old lover of books, music, and Jesus. I'm a senior in high school (Abeka Academy) and have been blogging for three years. I also co-publish a digital magazine called Priceless geared toward teen girls. My desire is to use my words to glorify my Saviour and to encourage you in your walk with God. I'd love to hear from you!

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4 years ago

You ARE beautiful, Julie! And the change I’ve seen in you the past year have been remarkable. My ‘Dad’ heart is full and overflowing because of the beautiful, God-honoring lady you have become. I love you! -Dad