Covid-19 and Trust

Written by Julie

On April 3, 2020

He didn’t ask you if He could write this into your story but He asks you to trust Him now that it is.

One on One: 100 Days With Jesus–PASSION

God doesn’t ask us for permission before allowing difficulties to come into our lives. Doesn’t ask if it’s okay if He writes this tragedy in our story. Doesn’t ask if we want this turning-our-world-upside-down thing to happen.

All He asks us is to trust Him. “This is part of your story–your life–now, child. Will you trust Me? Surrender to My will and plan?”

Who’s okay with Covid-19 being a part of their lives right now? Who, if asked by God if they wanted this to happen, would have said “yes”? What’s that? Nobody?

Okay, obviously, no one likes this corona virus or the quarantine or running out of toilet paper (😄)… But it’s part of our lives right now. It’s in our story. Will we trust God? Surrender to His will? Believe He’s good and in control?

I know being in quarantine because of the virus isn’t as bad as, say, losing a loved one or dealing with health problems or struggling financially. But it’s still a problem, still a difficulty, still a trial.

And if we can’t trust God and remain at peace and be okay with whatever His will is in something like this, then how can we trust Him when things really get bad?

We have to start small, start now. Because if we wait until real disaster hits to start trusting God–well, it most likely won’t work.

He doesn’t ask if He can put this in our story; we have no choice, no control, over that. But He asks us to trust Him, and we can choose whether or not we will.



Hi, I'm Julie, a 18-year-old lover of books, music, and Jesus. I'm a senior in high school (Abeka Academy) and have been blogging for three years. I also co-publish a digital magazine called Priceless geared toward teen girls. My desire is to use my words to glorify my Saviour and to encourage you in your walk with God. I'd love to hear from you!

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